Wednesday, April 26, 2017

High Tea Projects

Projects made using the High Tea Collection from Kaisercraft.

Cheers form Kel xo

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Indigo Skies

Projects made using the Indigo Skies collection from Kaisercraft :)

Cheers from Kel.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wildflower Projects

Projects made from the Wildflower paper collection from Kaisercraft and Imaginarium Chipboard.

Cheers from Kel :)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Excerpts from the Diary of A Designer Volume # 4

I've been over to the Imaginarium Designs Blog again sharing my diary

he he he

Here's a look ...


Monday the 6th of March 2017

Dear Diary...

 I was looking over the themes for the April blog posts at Imaginarium today ... to my COMPLETE shock and horror the theme is 'my scrap space'..... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I knew this would happen to me one day.

I should have finished that damn business degree and become an accountant .... no one cares what an accounts work space looks like!! 

So now have to clean up ....

I hate cleaning up my work space ... I always get 2 minutes into the activity, find something interesting that needs to be put away and decided I just have to use it instead... hence creating an even larger pile of carnage than was there before the so called 'clean up'.
It is a vicious cycle that never ends diary!! And there are no support groups out there for people like me with this particular problem ... I've looked!! :(
and now the fateful day has arrived where I have to make this space public!!

Well.... I'm going in... wish me luck , I'm off to clean my scrap space up so that its presentable for next months ID blog.... I will pack a lunch first of course... but I'm definetly going.....

Tuesday the 7th of March 2017

Dear Diary...

Well I did it ... Ok I didn't ... but I did try!!

I packed myself a small survival kit and headed out to my workshop yesterday and began cleaning.
I would dearly like to say I kept on cleaning, but sadly it's just not true :(
It took about 3 minutes of cleaning the table when I came across this box that went to toss out .... I had a bunch of photos developed and they came in this box....

Just as I collapsed it down and stuck it in the bin I had the thought that it neatly folded to the side just like the box cards I love to make that all fold to one side and go back in their original envelopes ... I grabbed it back out of the bin and stared at it for a bit, folding it backwards and forwards ....

OMGosh ..... this would make THE BEST box card I thought to myself .... 
and that was the end of cleaning!!

But check out this awesome box card I made for my friend who was 
turning 75 this weekend instead :)


It only took one 12 x 12 sheet to cover it all...

It has a couple of acetate strips to support the layers...

These were the chip boards I started with ...

I cut up the bits I wanted and then painted them white 
and hit them with Crystalina Kindy Glitz :)

The message was printed and stuck on the back...

And YES ... it still folds down flat and fits in a very large envelope :)

Wednesday the 8th of March 2017

Dear Diary...

This morning as I walked into my workshop I was still reeling from the 
creative triumph I felt making that stunning box card... 
it had after all been somewhat forged in the heat of battle.
The sensations pulsing through me were both victorious and untouchable!

And then I saw my workspace ... it was worse than ever before ... as cluttered and chaotic as it had ever been ... i sighed and resigned myself to the long lonely road ahead of me.

I cleaned for a solid boring, lonely, depressing, life-sucking, morbid half an hour then I rang my friend Sue and asked if she wanted to go to maccas for coffee .... this of course was a trick question ... Sue ALWAYS wants to do coffee ... any time of the day or night I can count on her to drop what she is doing and join me for a cuppa :) Turns out she was cleaning her scrap room also and couldnt wait to get out of there ... so she grabbed a few magazines and we hunkered down with coffee's to autopsy all the layouts in the latest scrapbook magazine :)

It was an AWESOME afternoon and I came away some great ideas for pages ... 

Thursday the 9th of March 2017

Dear Diary...

I had too many great ideas from my cuppa yesterday to even bother pretending to clean up today, also one of the things I had found while cleaning yesterday was a pile of metal embellishments....  so instead of tidying I got straight in and did these layouts....


I love using metal embellishments :)

Friday the 10th of March 2017

Dear Diary...

I was whinging to Sandi Spink last night on facebook about having to clean up my work space for this theme post next month and she gave me some really good tips..
Apparently you dont just walk up and start cleaning a pile of mess, you need to divide and conquer...
do inks first, sprays next, papers, adhesives etc ...
she assures me the horrendous pile in front of me will slowly but surely disappear ... 
Sandi would know .... she scrapbooks all over the place .... she's an outdoor adventurer when it comes to scrapping so she's good at taking what she needs and bringing it back  :) 
So I tried it .... and IT WORKED!! 


Now let's be honest here ... the piles themselves were not terribly neat, but eventually the piles on my work table receded to reveal an alarming number of coffee cups that had been suspending what resembled a second story balcony of paper supplies. I kept cleaning until I was down to the bottom layer which was where I found this awesome canvas I had started who knows how long ago!!?

I had seriously done enough cleaning for one day so I decided to jump back into this long forgotten canvas .... it's so exciting when you find a half done project and you can just get going with the colour and embellishments as all the groundwork has been done :)


Something quite strange began happening though ... I would look at my canvas and think .....'uummmm .... I think crackle medium would work well there' but then the thought would be followed by 'but I don't want to get that box out because I'll just have to pack it back up again' ... I then envisioned Pebble Rocks on it and got all excited only to reason that this too would create a huge mess to clean up ..... in the end I just stared at the canvas ....
 too scared of making a mess to try anything :( 

It was the saddest creative moment of my life :( 

It was with great resolve and strength of character that I then made my bravest decision ever ... I was going to create without consequence! Bugger the mess... I grabbed paints, pastes, rocks, flowers, chipboard ... everything I could get my hands on and before too long my workspace was nothing less than a fallout zone!! Good I thought ... thats the way I've decided it's meant to be!

With my head held high I walked out the workshop turning the light off as I went ... It may be the messiest workshop in the world but I have the time of my life in there, so according to my long and convoluted reasoning it is nothing less than a sacred site!

Of course this did not stop me marching straight up to my husband and demanding we hire a builder and interior designer to prepare my workshop space for the blog post next month.
He looked at me and replied ' Sure ... use one of the gold bars under my side of the bed!' 

AND I WILL .... as soon as I clean a path to his side of the bed! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Excerpts from the diary of a designer 3

Wednesday 8th February 2017

Dear Diary...

Feeling like I just won the lottery -The kids have gone back to school !!

.... the house is suspiciously quiet but I'm determined to get used to it ....quickly.

With the distinct lack of noise, blasphemy, mess and monetary requests I'm feeling much more creative and on top of the 'winning the lottery' feeling following me around I'm also rocking a 
'queen returned to her throne' vibe  as I have just rediscovered the wonderful box card .... 


These cards are so easy to make and can be decorated with next to anything. They also fold flat to go back into envelops ... I will likely never make any other kind of card ever again now <3 


A few choice pieces of Imaginarium designs chipboard painted with gesso really helped make this card pop  and the best bit is that the Chipboard sits up all on it's own and actually adds to the structural integrity of the card giving it extra adornment and support :) 

I'm completely jealous of other designers with grown up kiddies ... Alison Bevis never has to take the holidays off to pull her hair out for a few weeks .... she just keeps on creating gorgeous work month after month ... I just want to rub up against people like that so some of their inner magic can transfer onto me ... I'm pretty sure I actually tried that  at last year's Brisbane craft show ... do I have a picture of that? Must look into it for tomorrow's project!!

Thursday 9th February 2017

Dear Diary...


Found this FABULOUS photo of myself, Alison Bevis and Sue Smyth ( drop names much?) at Brisbane craft show last year ... Was determined to scrap this one today ...
alas Imaginarium Designs had no titles along the lines of 

'Rub up against me for Good Luck'

I drafted a lengthy and indepth post to owner Jane Tregenza suggesting this and several other less heard of titles be made into chipboard phrases... am convinced she will see the wisdom and massive revenue raising potential in such a collection and am eagerly awaiting their release.

In the meantime I had a ball creating this page ... I used midnight black dew drop ink on the chipboads .... which I must say turned out suspiciously like gold!!???? In any case I loved it and sealed them with clear embossing enamel before popping them on this page I made using the new Kaisercraft 'Wildflower' paper collection.

*I know .... it looks like Sue Smyth is trying to get away in this photo right? 

A friend also gave me a huge black ball of yarn... potentially it was to knit a scarf with? but scarfs be blown... I AM DIVERGENT.... all I saw when she gave me this yarn was page borders!
how OFF THE CHARTS is this black yarn? 

I just cut 4 lengths and stuck it around the page ....

Where does this yarn come from? I can just hear people asking ... the truth is I dont know... my scrapbook spy at the local op shop picked it up.... 
I really am a shakespearean tragedy of scrapbook supplies. 

In order not to be accused of taunting people I have decided that I if anyone wants to send me a self addressed and stamped envelope ( to 19 Brumby Place Casino NSW 2470) then I will send them 2 meters of this fabulous yarn for free :)

To buy the fabulous chipboards people will still just have to duck on over to the 
ID shop at THIS LINK :)

These are the bits I use on this page ... there really is no better way to lift your page than with these funky and trendy chippies!

Friday 10th of February 2017

Dear Diary...

Still feeling all springy and fresh with the kids trotting off to school every morning :) I think it's fascinating the way our moods are reflected in our pages.... I learnt a long time ago never to scrap angry .... the pages I make when I scrap angry are just DISGUSTING ... this rule also applies to drinking .... but for different reasons of course.... unfortunately I can't hold my grog at all either.... one glass of wine and I'm on the table dancing...two glasses and I'm under it asleep! 
Also I have this awful habit of telling people what I really think when I drink 
( my usual mindless chatter unsensored is NOT a good thing) ... 
Take for example the page I did today ... I scrapped this super cute photo of Daisy with her first loose tooth .... I used the ID chipboard title 'Cheeky Grin' because it suited it so perfectly ..... 
had I been drinking this page definitely would have been titled 

'Damn girl .... you look like Nanny McPhee!!!!'

Hence there is no more drinking and scrapping allowed in my house :( 

The chipboards on this layout were inked in burgundy and covered with Crystalina Kindy Glitz.

Monday 13th February 2017

Dear Diary...

Have just finished reading the ID blog post for today entitled 'Marvelous Monday with Alison Bevis' 
DAMN THAT GIRL IS GOOD! I really should have rubbed up against her more!
I'm not saying I'm going to hire an assassin or anything ... but she is good 
....faaaaar toooo gooooood!! 

Despite my scrap jealousy she inspired the heck out of me today so as the doctor suggested I channelled that energy into another layout using more ID chippies .... this time a distinctly pink page also made using the Kaisercraft Wildflower paper collection.
Its one of my favourite tricks to take the chipboard frames and cut them in half to use on layouts and thats what I did again here on this page. All the chippies on this layout have simply been inked in Pink.... that beautiful flourish at the bottom of the photo is of course the hero of the layout ... I love the way one good embellishment can make or break a design :)

Pretty sure Alison Bevis knows exactly what I'm talking about!!??!!?
I bet she's the first one to send me a self addressed stamped envelope so she can get her talented hands on my groovy black yarn!!!??

Wednesday 15th February 2017

Dear Diary...

Had to prepare a project for Imaginarium Designs today looking at my favourite altered Chipboard technique... didnt take long to do as I just love stamping on embossed chippies but at the end of it I had all these chip boards that I had made and had no page to live on.
I just can't make an embellishment and NOT use it... this might be my greatest weakness ... my very own kryptonite ... designing pages around embellishment rather than photos!! 

[inset shock and horror emoji]

Scrapbooking is meant to be about showcasing your photos right?


It's about finding the right photo to go with a DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS EMBELLISHMENT!!

I had one sheet of paper left from the Kaisercraft Wildflower collection so I got to work with my predone chipboards .... 

seriously ... you almost don't need a photo on the page with chipboards this gorgeous <3 

I've run out of papers and Chipboards now so I guess that's it for this week... of course the end of scrapping does herald in 'wine time' .... so I'm off to over indulge ...
Will ask my husband to disconnect the internet first so that I don't accidently send Jane T anymore of those 'title ideas' emails .... the cold light of the next day always makes what looked supremely clever the night before, look disturbingly inappropriate in retrospect :(

Methinks there something in that for all of us! ;)