Friday, November 25, 2011

Hunt & Gather + 13th Hour

With this layout I have combined elements from the '13th Hour'  collection with paper from the 'Hunt and Gather' collection. The wheel barrow and garden tools were painted with silver precious metal paint and the bird on the swing is actually a stamping up stamp and punch set. The photo is of my naughty children caught in the act of trying to haul the baby up to the top of the cubby house in a milk crate!!!? It's a wonder that child even made it to 2 being the youngest of 6 kids!!! LOL


Julie said...

What a lovely layour Kellie Ann with so many interesting embellishment s to find and admire.

Alanna said...

I think your kids are genious! What better way to get baby up there? LOL!

Great LO Kel, love the mix of papers + the embellishments :) Such a great moment to remember :)

Al Hannah said...

I love how you made the swing out of the die cut tag ... OMGOSH that looks amazing!

Kelly-ann said...

Thanks for all the love girls ... I rarely get a comment on one of my posts so it's quite awesome to get 3 ... I'm beside myself here!! LOL