Thursday, August 2, 2012

Save the Date Layout

I'm really excited today to introduce the Save the Date collection from Kaisercraft .... this is an AWESOME bunch of papers and matching embellishments... and probably Kaisercraft's biggest collection yet! 

So as the name suggests this one is all about the PARTY .... birthday, celebration, wedding, anything you like really ( although it would have to be a pretty funky wedding if  you using these invites and coordinates LOL).

 Being the proud owner of 6 gorgeous kiddies I must tell you I have more birthday photos hanging about the place than you can poke a stick at ! 
And I'm no scrapbook snob ... 
I'm not waiting until I find the perfect colour to match the shirt in my birthday photos ... NO WAY!
It's quite an easy formula these days for me...

Birthday Photos + Party Papers = Easy, Hassle Free Layouts!! LOL

So yeah, as you can imagine I'm quite chuffed at the new collection ... I can't thank Kaisercraft enough for making my job that much easier! [smiles and rolls eyes!!]

Have a great day ... smiles from Kel.


Julie Short said...

What a beautiful Layout Kel. The colours rock.

Karen Shady said...

Hi Kel :) this is an adorable LO... your girls are so super cute too... hope all is well in you world... are you going to the paperiffic show in Melb at the end of August ??

Kelly-ann Oosterbeek said...

Hi Karen ... no Paperiffic for me... August is a crazy time for craft shows and I'm booked to the eye balls at either expos or speaking engagements, I'm also running on the ticket for the local council elections in early Sep so my main aim for the next 6 weeks is just to stay sane! LOL Cheers from Kel.

Renee Simpson said...

I absolutely love this layout. It's so bright and cheery. Do u have any instructions for this Layout?

Kelly-ann Oosterbeek said...

Hi Renee, sorry it took me a while to respond, I've been a away on holidays! If you would like some basic instructions on how to put this layout together, just PM me at and I will get those to you. Cheers from Kel.