Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Album in an Afternoon?

OK.... so for my 100th post I'm going to get excited!!

I'm proud to announce my latest set of classes .... An entire 16 page Album in One 5 hour class session!

IT CANNOT BE DONE!!! I hear you all cry .... but I have PROOF that it CAN BE DONE!! 

A couple of weeks ago I sat some very lovely Guinea Pigs down ( all with varing levels of kills and experience in scrapbooking) and gave this idea a go ....AND IT WORKED!!!! They all walked away 5 hours latter ( and a half hour off for lunch and breaks) with a complete 16 page Album that they only had to add their photos to!

It was so exciting ... I have 2 'Albums In An Afternoon' classes that I'm offering now .... a mothers day themed one made using the Chanteuse Paper collection and the other one I'm posting below called 'Life's A Beach', which was made using the Seaside paper collection.

These photos are of the finished pages right before I stuck a heap of black and white photos into it from my summer holidays. One lady stuck all colour photos in it from her grand kids summer holidays, and it looked even better.

So with out further ado .... here it is!


What I'm aiming to teach in these clases is that you can scrapbook on a budget and with a limited time frame in mind ... it's a real break down in the anatomy of a scrapbook page, and repetition means that people really get to practice simple principles over and over, so much so that they can continue on with this themed album, long after the class has ended, creating many more pages using the same processes over and over again. This is a real skill that can be taught and most certainly can be learnt! Not every page can be a work of art ... sometimes you just need to get on with your albums ... or even make albums for others that they can pop their own photos into.
I LOVE this process ... 
I hope I become rich and famous for it one day .... maybe I should copy right the phrase 'Album In An Afternoon' ?!!!  Bhahahahahahahahah
Smiles from Kel.

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Great idea Kel! WTG! :)