Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Class Act Cards

So today I have some cards to show you that I made up with the Class Act Collection.
At first I was stumped as to what I could actually do with this collection in regards to cards ... surely no one wants a 'Happy Birthday' card with school stuff all over it!!!?
(None of my kids would thats for certain!! LOL)

Then I realised there are lots of different occasions that a school themed card would appropriate for ... the top of the list would have to be a 'Get Well Soon' card for a sick or absent teacher ... 
my little ones LOVED this idea
 ( the older ones laughed and said the only kind of card they would ever give to their teachers would be a 'Please DONT get well soon! card .... you gotta love teenagers!!)

There are also occasions like encouraging kids on their first day at a new school ( be it the first day of kindy, high school, uni or TAFE) or congratulating them on academic or sporting achievements.
So in the end I had plenty of inspiration for this set of 5 simple cards... 
all made with just the paper pad and a few collectables.

Thanks for stoping by for look...
And congratulations to all the mums out there like myself for surviving the holidays... the kids head back to school tomorrow and I couldn't be happier for them  nor myself!! he he he.
Cheers from Kel

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Class Act Layout

Well it's almost that time ... BACK TO SCHOOL!! So this week we are kicking off the celebration with the Class Act Collection.

So with 6 lovely little children of my own as you might imagine, I have plenty of school photos at my finger tips to scrap so I'm lovin this new collection purely and simply for its practical applications.
And Kaisercraft have a matching album to go with this range as well ...oh Bliss!

All the elements are bright and bold and easy to use as far as popping a layout together goes. This collection gets 10 gold stars for being a truly easy to use set of papers and elements.

As you can see from this page, the main job that will occupy you with this collection is simply construction ... I didn't use any tricky techniques or excessive add ons to finish this layout... it was quick and simple to pull together and all the more satisfying for it I must confess! LOL

Thanks for stopping by for a look.
Cheers from Kelly-ann

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sat. Sketch #3 Jan 2013

So for this weeks Saturday Sketch over at the Kaisercraft Blog I have used the 
Botanical Odyssey Collection ... This is the sketch that the layout is based on...

Now I know what you are thinking .... that looks NOTHING like the sketch! LOL

TRUE ... I started with the basics...which you might be able to see if you tilt this sketch once to the right... then I decided that i didn't want to cut my photos so instead of circles I left them rectangles and then i couldn't help myself with the embellishments, it just kind of got out of control... the sketch was long forgotten and I just ran with it after that! he he he!!

The flowers are from manor House and the die cut flourish is a Cherry Lynn Designes die ... beside that I've just with the collectables, paper pad and papers from the Botanical Odyssey Collection. 

Thanks for stopping by for a look...
Cheers from Kelly-ann.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Botanical Odyssey Cards

Toady I have some more of the funky Botanical Odyssey Collection ... these papers were a bit fun to make cards with actually ... you will have to forgive the crappy stamping I've done on these cards though, it's been a while and I think I might have to put more time and effort into perfecting word stamping ... or just give up and use rub-ons from now on! LOL

I'll let you in on a little secret and tell you the real winning combination with Kaisercraft products at the moment (not just with this range but in general) when it comes to card making...  is that nothing can beat how easy it is to use their new square card packs in combination  with the 6.5" paper pad and a pack of collectables!! 
These are soooooo easy to put together that it's outrageous! you could easily make 20 cards  ( or more) from one paper pad and still have dozens of collectables left for other projects. 
Why not try it? 
Grab a paper pad, a pkt of collectables and give it a go ... 
how many cards will you get out of this challenge? 
Cards ... you can never have enough of them!

Have a great week folks... smiles from Kel

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Botanical Odyssey Layout

Today I'm here to introduce the new Botanical Odyssey Collection. This range is almost retro in its colours and composition and oh so bright!

OK so confession time .... my only inspiration for this page was that I really just wanted to try out this long forgotten technique of cutting a window opening in a page and mounting the photo behind it!! LOL

To be honest, I think the photo I have used here is a tad too big for this technique... something smaller would have settled on the page with a more aesthetically pleasing effect I think ... so this one was a good lesson for me ... bigger is NOT always better!!

But I am LOVIN the butterflies in this collection, they abound in huge numbers everywhere which is right up my ally... the stamp set for this range would have to be my favourite though... check them out:

How lovely are they??!!!
You will lots more of these on my layouts in the future I can guarantee that!

Thanks for stopping by for a look.
Smiles from kel.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sat. Sketch #2 Jan 2013

For this weeks Saturday Sketch over at the Kaisercraft Blog I have used the Marigold Collection.

I really enjoyed this weeks sketch... of course I took quite a simple sketch and went as over the top as I could with my embellies .... what can I say ... I do what I love, and I love to do that! LOL

Here is the sketch that the layout is based on:

One of the main features on this page is the masking in that doily pattern ... I adore this template from kaisercraft and I have used some of their divine white ink to create the mask on the dark background paper ... this is a stunning effect that I was thrilled with in the end. 
I can highly recommend the Kaisercraft white ink ... 
It's best I've ever used in regards to quality and opaqueness.

I've really enjoyed working with these Marigold papers but I'm looking forward to trying out another collection now... fortunately for me Kaisercraft have 3 new collections this month... 
soon to increase to 4 new collections every month! What an awesome challenge
 I'm seriously not sure if I'll be able to keep up, but I'm gonna give it a good try!!

Thanks for stopping by for a look
Smiles from Kel.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine...

Published Again! YAY
This month I had another feature article come out in the Australian scrapbook Ideas Magazine... this issue was so exciting to get ... many friends were also published in this issue which just doubles the fun all around!! LOL
And the Master Class was taught by Gabrielle Pollaco ( My favourite scrapbook designer of all time) ...  that was a real buzz... I feel very proud to have been published along side this scrapbook legend.

For this issue I designed the one sketch 4 ways article in vintage violets 
and here are the 4 pages I made up...

And as a lovely little add-on I also had a layout published in the designers gallery ... I LOVE this layout of Myself and Hilary Nicholas from Scrapbooking from the Heart in New Zealand  ... we met in person for the first time last year at the kaisercraft trade day in Melbourne ... it was the highlighe of my trip!!

Thanks for dropping by for a look, 
and don't forget to grab a copy of this AWESOME scrapbook Magazine!!
Cheers from Kel.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Marigold Cards

Today I have some cards to share with you made from the Marigold Collection ... this is a beautiful flowery collection that is sure to be a fav. of all rose lovers.

These new square cards are once again so easy to work with I found myself really enjoying making all these cards ... what on earth will I do with them all I wonder ... I have a hundred now, even after giving them away and selling many ... perhaps I should slow down!! LOL

All I have used to create these cards are the Collectables from the collection, the paper pad and some white organza ribbon ... easy peasy and affordable.

Thanks for stopping by for a look.

Smiles from Kel.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sat. Sketch #1 Jan 2013

For this weeks Sketch I have used the Marigold Collection ... I know, I know I'm a total copy cat ... this layout is almost the same as the sample on on the Kaisercraft Blog ... but I love these papers, and who can go wrong with that beautiful frame?? LOL

It is actually quite a simple layout, most of the work was done by that gorgeous frame, but I did go to the effort to make the tule flowers... they are impressively easy to make and I'm thinking to myself once again 'Why dont you just bite the bullet and make a few quick tutes for YouTube?'
In any case how to make these will be one of the first ones I make when I do get to it!!

I'm really liking the new flowery Marigold collection ... you can sway either towards the blue and greens or orange and greens, I appreciate when a collection gives you some variety like that.

This is the sketch that the layout is based on..
Thanks for coming on over for a look.
Cheers from Kel.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Kaisercraft Wishing Well

Today I wanted to share with you a project I put together for my Kaisercraft Design Team application last year ... I actually got my dates mixed up and missed the cut off for the applications [Rolls eyes in self disgust] so this never actually made it anywhere as far being seen goes, so I wanted to share it here.

So I've used the Kaisercraft Wishing Well as well as a host of other wood embellishments to create a little garden around the wishing well.

The chipboard pieces are all pretty obvious, most of the bushy bits are the green paper flowers folded into quarters and the stone fence is just plain card stock that has been embossed with a circle pattern and inked over. this would look even better if you had a stone or brick embossing folder!

A proliferation of flowers over every thing pulls the whole thing together, as well as little touches like butterflies, lady bugs and rhinestones on the well that look like water droplets.

It was so much fun to make this little wishing well wonderland ... I can see why people get totally pulled into the world of modle making!! LOL

Thanks for looking...
Smiles from Kelly-ann xoxo