Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine Issue #20

Fabulous news to share today... I've just had another feature published in the Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine, this time a set of three double page layouts.
I loved doing these commissions... my editor Sue Smyth gives fantastic guidelines and feedback that makes working for this magazine a true pleasure.
If you haven't got a copy of this yet, run out and grab one... it's another great issue packed full of layouts to admire and techniques to inspire!! 

Here are the 3 doubles I have in this issue...
The one above has been done using the 365 Days Collection from Kaisercraft.
And the two layouts below were made  using papers from the Timeless Paper Pad.

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Cheers from Kel.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saturday Sketch #4 April 2013

Today I've tried something a bit different mixing the Remember Me Collection and some paper from the Base Coat Collection.

I was trying to find that 'bedrock' feel from the flintstones era LOL! It seems there is a lack of animal prints in the Kaisercraft papers, so that might be a good range for the future!!? Anyway, I was quite happy with this awesome paper from the base coat collection and I feel it has done the job perfectly.

This was always going to be a difficult photo to scrap, so in the end I just decided to emphasise the 'in the garden' theme .... thats always my fallback theme when I can't capture a theme from the photo.

here is the sketch that this layout was based on...

Thanks for stopping by for a look.
Smiles from Kelly-ann.


Saturday Sketch #3 April 2013

Today I have used the gorgeous Needle and Thread Collection for the Saturday Sketch.

I just love this beautiful collection ... although surprisingly it hasn't sold that well in the shop! I'm sure it must be the economic downturn ... as this collection is so lovely I can't see any other reason why it might be over looked!!? In any case it has caught my full attention ... I just adore it and had loads of fun making this layout.

The sketch was easy to follow and generous in its boundaries  leaving lots of room to play with... just my kind of sketch!! LOL

Here is the original Sketch from Kaisercraft....

Thanks for stopping by for a look ... feel free to leave a comment ... there must be someone out there with a comment besides my million spammer friends!! LOL
Cheers from Kelly-ann.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Sketch #2 April 2013

I've done something a bit different today with the Elegance Collection for this sketch...

This time I stayed away from all the usual bright colours and focused on a simple page using the mustards in this collection. The photos are the hero here so I didn't want to so anything that would distract from them too much.

I'm still not sure if I like simple too much , I look at this layout and all I want to do is add 100 other embellishments to it!! LOL But I'm trying to challenge myself to try new things these days so i wont add 100 embellishments to it ... for now!!he he he

this is the sketch it was based on...

Thanks for stopping by for a look...
cheers from Kel.

Saturday Sketch #1 April 2013

This week I have used the Hopscotch Collection for this fun Saturday Sketch.

So to fess up I'll admit that this isn't the kind of collection that I would normally reach for ... I'm more into soft and romantic than bright and funky .... but I can barely believe how much fun I had doing this page. 
I'm now really glad for my unwritten rule of doing at least one layout with every range that Kaisercraft release ... the challenge has served me well in teaching me that stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different can be a very profitable exercise!! LOL

So here is the sketch that its all based on:

Thanks for looking...
Cheers from Kelly-ann.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hopscotch Layout

Well I'm back today with more of the mouth watering Hopscotch Collection... I cant believe how much I want a lillie pop right now just from looking at this page!!! LOL

and Retro

This is an awesome collection for little girls... and for those looking for a break from the flowery collections we have seen so much of in the last while, this is sure to satisfy.

I dont think it would matter what the theme or colours were in your photos this collection will work with anything... and make it look fun without any effort at all.

It is quite pink though, but I'm convinced that if you choose your paper colours and embellishments carefully you would be able to make a boy layout work just as easily ... in fact I might set myself that as my next challenge ... check back in a few days time to see if I managed to pull that one off.

Once more I have plastered this page with Kaisercraft printed tape ( better known by the 'Washi' brand of tape) this stuff is AWESOME ... I know I need to use more of the many other patterns available in these tapes, but I'm just in love with this particular pattern, and every project I look at the moment in my head looks better with some of this stuff on it!!? LOL

Thanks for looking 
I'm off to find a Lollie Pop!
Smiles from Kel.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hopscotch Cards

Hi there, well I'm back today with more cards... this time from the Hopscotch Collection.

I would have loved to spend more time poring over that Needle and Thread collection, but the end of the month is getting closer and I wanted to share this last fun paper range with you all.

So here with have Hopscotch, this is a bright and retro collection that was a lot of fun to work with... actually it quite surprised me in its versatility. When I first saw it I wondered if it was going to be a nightmare to work with, but I actually found it quite the opposite!

The flowers all look like Lollie pops in this range so be prepared to feel hungry for no good reason at all as you work with these papers and embellishments!! LOL

The cards again were very easy to pop together using the paper pad and collectables. I went a bits nuts using the the new Kaisercraft printed tape on these, but I couldn't help myself... I just love that stuff.

Personally I'm just thrilled to have a collection out with a combi bus in it ... 
only my husbands excitement exceeds mine on this point!! LOL

Thanks for looking
Cheers from Kelly-ann.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Needle and Thread Cards

Hi There, I'm back today with more from the Needle and Thread Collection.

This time I have made some feminine birthday cards ... and what a fun collection this has turned out to be for making ladies cards! Once again the sewing theme came in very handy when it came to embellishing. Stitching and safety pins played a major role again for me with these cards, just as they did on my previous layout. 

The best thing about this collection is that I know several older ladies that these kind of cards would suit perfectly and quite tickle them actually... it's my mums generation that really did sew all our clothes when I was younger, sitting for hours on end with nanna, they were always making or repairing something!

In any case these cards were again a breeze to put together with all the lovely elements in the collectables pack.

It does make me wonder though...
in 40 years when collections are being released to suit my generation, what will they consist of?

I hate to admit it but I'm thinking it will need to be all credit cards, sale tickets and gift vouchers... we dont really sew any more ... we shop!! LOL
When I think of getting clothes for my kids I think of all the items above plus caring loads of those paper shopper bags about, dockets, coffees to keep me going, and shopping trollies.

I cant wait to see how they will pull off that collection!!! he he he

Great to chatting ... have a awesome day,
Smiles from Kel.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Needle and Thread Layout

What a joy it is to be showing you this latest layout using the Needle and Thread Collection.

This is such a beautiful and girly collection that I'm over the moon about getting my hands on it! 

The first thing I did for this page was to dig out all my really special 'girly moment' photos.... with 4 daughters this was an easy task as I literally take hundreds of photos a year that would match this description!! LOL

I figured the more girly the better, so I grabbed this one and got to work and how precious the papers turned out be in this collection .... the lace vintage lace perfectly balances out the bright bold colours in the flowers of this range.

Of course the whole 'needle and thread' theme made the page a breeze to embellish as well with all manner of stitching and sewing easily incorporated ... even a few safety pins fit well in the mix.

And lastly, just to compliment the many sparking crown jewels in my photo I also added some bling
In the end this layout was simple and easy to put together and I loved how it turned out. I cant wait to get into more layouts with this lovely new collection.

Thanks for stopping by....

Cheers from Kelly-ann.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Elegance Cards

Hi all ... I'm here today to share some cards made with the Elegance Collection.

These were a joy to make! The collection actually comes with so many title panels and journaling blocks that I felt spoilt for choice! I decided to stick with the love and romance theme rather than going the 'happy birthday' route again with these cards, and I was really pleased with the results as they turned out a bit 'Elegant' just as the name of the collection would suggest! LOL

The hero here is the massive amount of bling I plastered on the cards to finish with though!
Pearls, rhinestones and a good amount of Kindy Glitz really helped to lift these cards... you probably don't get the full effect in a photo but in real life they shimmer beautifully.

Thanks for stopping by for a look.
Have a great day.

Smiles from Kel.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Elegance Layout

Well I'm delighted to introduce today the new Elegance Collection from Kaisercraft.

I'm going to confess that this is one of those collections that I didn't like the look of in the catalog... the colours just weren't doing anything for me at all! But when I got my hands on them in real life I was thrilled to discover they so much more vibrant and attractive than I first thought.

As you can see from this Layout the colours are strong and true, and as it turns out I have had many positive comments about this collection now! 

This was another quite simple layout  that I did of my gorgeous little Daisy... the photo was so precious I wanted to keep it the main focus of the layout so I cut back on my usual bombardment of embellishments LOL!

Simple layers of lace look so effective... I must drag my laces out more often!

Have an awesome day...

Smiles from Kelly-ann.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Remember Me Class

A Class for the locals using the  Remember Me Collection...

Just a quick post today to let anyone local know that in May I'll be running a 
TRIPPLE LAYOUT class.... it will be held on 
Saturday 18th of May, 10am - 3pm

at the North Coast Community Church 67 Richmond Street Casino ( next to Casino Swimming Pool).
Cost will be $40 per person, and will INCLUDE lunch and drinks!!
I have 20 places on offer... and bookings are essential.
The 3 layouts we will be creating are all shown here in this post...

And if we have any time and energy left at all at the end of these pages I thought we might make a few of these little gift boxes well...