Monday, December 31, 2012

Dusty Attic Bamboo

Don't you just love this epic Bamboo chipboard piece from Dusty Attic?!!! 
It is so beautiful that I couldn't resist doing a layout whit it when I saw certainly is a bit different from the usual which was what attracted me to it in the first place I imagine!

I have teamed it up with that spectacular background paper and embellishments from the 
Merry & Bright Collection from Kaisercraft.

I've used loads of gold accents in this layout trying to go for that classic asian feel ... so there are gold edge stickers, gold inks, and gold bauble thread. I like the final balance between the green of the bamboo and the yellow of the gold accents.

As usual I couldn't resist a few metal embellishments and the brass finish of these just seems to work in so easily with the gold theme, so I've stuck as many as I could on the page! LOL

The chipboard bamboo itself was very easy to colour... I used ink first, applying with a blending tool and then I just used a coloured marker to go back over the leaves where I wanted more depth of colour and action on the flat chipboard. Colour blends beautifully on these chipboard pieces!

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Cheers from Kelly-ann.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dusty Attic Vines

Ok, so this is a shock ... I actually had a go at designing with a few Dusty Attic products and laid my beloved Kaisercraft embellishments aside for a moment!! Thats still Kaisercraft papers there in the back ground, but the yummy vine, beautiful flowers and all the chipboard extras are from dusty Attic.

This was such a fun layout to make, I had challenged myself not to use that vine on the corner of a photo.... which is the way you see these kind of embellishments used usually, so gracefully flowing down over the photo seemed like a reasonable alternative.

I love the cascading flowers effect and its achieved easily when everything is naturally running down the page... the pearls creating a wisteria effect worked really well for me also... they are actually my favourite part of this page!!

I've also tossed in some metal leaves and keys to add more texture and dimension  The paper leave there are also Dusty Attic's own, but I love to mix media and thought that the metal leaves really added depth to the page and helped to lift the vine and flowers.

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Cheers from Kelly-ann.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

.........***Merry Christmas one and all**........

What a wonderful day ... you should see my house ... its COVERED in wrapping paper and food! LOL ....This is where the rubber really hits the road when it comes to having 6 children!! 

After a morning of complete chaos and mayhem the house has settled into a quite sugar fueled hum ... with all the kids happily giving all their attention to their new toys and gadgets leaving me in relative peace to play on my computer!!

I thought today I would share a personal favourite of my photos from this wonderful silly season now it is almost behind us... the photo above was taken at the beginning of December as we all decorated the tree ( a tradition on our family for the 1st of December) ... it tells the story of our family perfectly....

The first thing I notice in this photo is my missing daughter .... where has that stereo-typical teenager gone? She is completely full of teenage angst now at all of 13 years old... complaining long and loud most of the time at the injustice of having to deal with her hair!!!!??? I tried pointing out that in many countries 13 year old girls are married off even sold off and that maybe the style of her hair isn't that big a thing after all... she rolled her eyes dramatically and disappeared in the dungeon that is her bedroom!!!

The next thing that really jumps out at me from this photo is the complete 
'I'm here under duress' look 
that my 14 year old son is giving the camera .... he so makes me laugh at the moment ... he wears that look all the time, unless he is playing the playstation ... apparently that is the only place he is NOT under duress!!
 He is so cute... caught in between being a child and becoming a man ... he will still watch a movie with us and when the man and woman kiss in the final scene he will stand up and declare 
'well that just ruined a perfectly good movie!!' 
Bhahahahahaahaha ... I quite like the fact that he still doesn't like the idea of kissing girls ... I'll let you know how long that lasts!! LOL

Of course the next most noticeable feature of this photo is the almost naked 3 year old posing in the front ... oh if only I could get that child to wear clothes ... here in the world of an Australian summer, its a princess dress or nothing thank you very much!! Lucky I brought her a princess dress for Christmas... so she does have clothes on in our family Christmas photos!!

The next 3 children are just the right ages to be truly excited about Christmas still, their enthusiasm is evident on all their faces ... they have been right into the Christmas countdown this last month, always changing the numbers on the Countdown calendar and checking the boxes of the advent calendar for treats each day ... they make this season a pleasure!!

And finally of course there is my dutiful husband who is graciously posing with the kids, even though he would rather gnor his own arm off than hang Christmas decorations!! He married a scrapbooker and has finally accepted that it is an easier corse of action to accept the directions to pose for the picture than to fight the avalanche of photos that will processed these instructions if he resists in any way!! LOL Smart Man xoxo

But I can't let a Christmas post go by without sharing one little project .... this is Christmas tree frame set I made quite a few months ago when visiting Kaisercraft in Geelong.
 Melissa Kennedy designed it and taught the class.

It is a great keep sake and I had a ball wiring together the Kaisercraft paper Blooms and paper leaves to make the rose sprigs you can see on this one. I imagine we will have many more Christmas photos to display like thing after today... fortunately Kaisercraft will have a million ideas on how to do this in the coming year ... something to look forward to!

Have a wonderful day my friends.
HUGE smiles from Kel.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Forget-me-not Cards

These cards were simply a delight to make from the Forget-me-not collection!! I'm loving all the gold accented pages that you can find in the 6.5" paper pad... and I'm still reveling in the joy of making square cards ... why I didn't convert to this format a long time ago I'll never know!!LOL

I kept the cards pretty simple as usual, just using a few of the Collectables to decorate the beautiful papers with and a little bit of bling ... a little bit of bling really seems to make a difference to any project.

I also find that the cards with something 3D on them always sell first, people seem to like a bit of meat on their cards ... must have more of a hand made feel to them? Or maybe it just seems like more bang for your buck? In any case I always 3D something on my cards these days for this very reason ... either with a 3D flower or a die cut raised up on 3D tape.

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Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sat. Sketch #4 Dec 2012

For todays Saturday Sketch I have used the Forget-me-not collection, I'm really developing a bit of a crush on the whole hexagon thing that so defines this collection, but I gave it break today to pursue some of the other patterns in this happy range.

Here I have also used loads of bees and butterflies... I LOVE LOVE LOVE those little wood flourish bees... they are off-the-charts cute!

I've also used some of the new printed tape from kaisercraft (widely referred to as Washi Tape) to make that gorgeous border ... I actually do have a Kaisercraft stamp that could make the same pattern  but the tape was just soooo easy I couldn't resist. This was a sample I got to try out... I believe the product will be available for purchase next month!

This is the original sketch from the Kaisercraft Blog... as you can see I have flipped the sketch to the right to make my layout...

Friday, December 21, 2012

Forget-Me-Not Layout

 Today I'm introducing the elegant and beautiful Forget-Me-Not Collection ... the colours in this collection so deep and mello at times yet highlighted perfectly by the playful and airy peach colour that so defines it! I can tell this little collection is will popular...

I have used the die cut speciality sheet and much of the sticker sheet to create this layout of my sweet little Daisy... I especially like the effect of all tose honeycomb shapes all about the place ... I'm such a fashion victim ... these hexagons are all the rage in scrapbooking at the moment and I can see why... they are just that bit different and fun to work with!!

Thanks for popping on by for a look... cheers from Kel.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Secret Admirer Layout

So this Secret Admirer Collection is really starting to grow on me ... LOL

I find it perfect for scrapping all those bright pink photos of my girls with. In this layout I've also used a flower vine stamp from the Lakehouse Collection stamp set. That whole collection is like a sister collection to this one and compliments it perfectly with the same images and themes but with some kinder and gentler colours included.

For This layout I've just layered up all the beautiful papers and embellishments that come in this collection. I've also used the sticker sheet with all the typed phrases on it ... this will have to be my new favourite way of getting journalling onto a page ... how awesome is this sticker sheet I ask you?

Soo many wonderful sayings ... it just keeps on giving!LOL

Thanks for stopping by for a look.
Cheers from Kel.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Secret Admirer Cards

Oh My Gosh ... I'm LOVIN the new Square cards from Kaisercraft! 

Here I have used the Secret Admirer Collection to make a set of 6 cards and oh the joy of making them ... I have always struggled with card making a bit, but I never imagined it was a conceptual and spacial issue!! I have always been first and formost a scrapbooker who turned her hand to cards, hence the struggle, but with these new square cards my brain just sees a little scrapbook page ... no worries, no more wondering how to fit all in or anything... just card making bliss! LOL

Now I still didn't get too creative with these cards, they reamin pretty simple in truth, but I love them  because they feel complete and balance to me now!

The Secret Admirer Collection is so bright and beautiful, very feminine and flowery, if you are into this kind of thing you are going to LOVE this collection!

Cheers from Kel.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sat. Sketch #3 Dec 2012

Todays Saturday sketch was loads of fun, I've used the gorgeous new Secret Admirer Collection which is sure to be a favourite with many... it's so bright and beautiful!! 

I chose it to do my photos on this paper because I was keen to try a water page that didn't follow the traditional blue watery theme... I was really happy with how it worked out in the end with all the gorgeous clusters of flowers.

I've also used Droplets on this page ... I LOVE DROPLETS, but you never see them in scrapbooking anymore ... why is that? They are a most awesome embellishment... they are gender neutral, 3D, translucent ... so many wonderful qualities in one small dot ... I hope they make a come back soon, I would love to see more of them about the place!

Anyway, below you will find the sketch that this layout was based on.
Thanks for popping by for a look.
Cheers from Kel.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tropicana Cards

So I finally let up on the layouts using the Tropicana Collection long enough to make a few cards!!

These are so bright and fun, what great gender neutral cards these are ... male, female, old, young ... you could get away with all using this collection!

I used pages from the small paper pad and a number of the collectable die cuts to make these cards ... oh and that gorgeous little palm frond stamp again ... how cute is it!!?!

These are the very last of the small rectangle cards that I'll be making... Kaisercraft have come out with generous square cards that I have been using just recently to create with, and I'm hooked!

They come in delightful earthy colours, are all made from 240gsm card stock and come 10 to a pack with envelopes for only $3.99RRP.
 I'm sold. 
You will definitely be seeing some of those in my future blogs!

Thanks for dropping by for a look,
Cheers from Kel.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tropicana Layout

Oh How I'm LOVIN this Tropicana Collection .... The colours are stunning! For me its an irresistible love affair... like a bower bird and its OCD for all things blue I suffer the same condition for all things red ... and those beautiful hibiscus blooms [sighs in admiration] are the perfect red non-rose flowers!

This is a pretty straight forward page, I used one of the die cut pages for the back ground and then layered up the tropical flowers.

I dug out that cut little seal stamp from the ones I had hoarded away when the Party Animal Collection was first released ... I find these little characters off-the-charts cute!!

Anyway, thats one more porpoise kiss photo down, only 17 more to go!!

Cheers from Kel.