Sunday, October 29, 2017

Diary of a Designer Vol # 9

Elnino SUCKS!

Monday the 4th September 2017

Dear Diary...

what's the go with this heat? and where has all the water gone?
Hubby just informed me that we down to the last dregs on our last tank...
I could have sworn it was flooding 4 months ago??

I'm feeling very suspicious of any water that comes from 'scraping the bottom of the barrell' ... I feel like if I were a germ that is exactly where I would live so I have decided to only drink vodka from now on ... germs can't live in vodka!

I'm too scared to scrapbook any more .... what if I get ink on everything and have to wash my hands? What if I gesso something, I'll have to wash everything up .... 
I have decided that only card making is safe to do until the next big rain gets here.

So here is my first card...
Fortunately it doesnt take much to fill a card up with gorgeous Imaginarium chipboard phrases, but I also couldn't resist adding a couple of these fabulous little branches as well 💜

Tuesday the 5th September 2017

Dear Diary...

Still no water 😟
We rang up the water delivery person to order a load. $350!!!!??!!!! ... for HALF a tank!!!
I'm pretty sure Coke is cheaper than this at wollies.
The worst part is that it's a 3 week wait...


Probs should have ordered that two and half weeks ago!!

So now our whole house hold has gone into EXTREME water saving mode: 

*There's a bucket in the sink to catch wrince water.

*A bucket in the shower, to catch those bits you always loose down the drain at the beginning of a shower ... you know when you first turn the taps on but it takes like 90 seconds of it running full pelt to actually get any hot water.

* A 3 minuet egg timer in the bathroom to ensure very quick showers.

*The washing machine is hooked up to a huge recycling barrel 
just outside the laundry door  

...and my LEAST favourite of all water saving measures...

* A sign on the toilet door that reads
'if it's yellow let it melo, if its brown flush it down'


For the record, I strongly disagree with this last measure.... all colours should be flushed ALL THE TIME. Sadly I was over ruled. Stuff global warming and holes in the ozone ... this is the true tragedy of global warming 😭

I would console myself with vodka but sadly that has also run out. Damn you elnino.

Card making it is then...

Today I tried to created a gilded frame look, which I just adore, and incidentally requires no washing up after at all 👍

I took this groovy chipboard frame, added glue and then pressed some flakes of rose gold all over it very roughly so that it would maintain that beaten metal look.

Super happy with the outcome.

Wednesday the 6th September 2017

Dear Diary...

This shortage of water thing is getting out of hand ... I caught one of the kids standing IN a bucket in her swimmers washing herself with a dribble coming from the shower head!! 

I explained that it wasn't quite that bad yet ( post apocalyptic that is)  but she was sooooo very proud of how little water she had used and how she had recycled 100% of the water she did use... I took a photo of her so she could use it on an inevitable 'recycling' school project one day.

She excitedly exclaimed that I could do the same thing...
A very awkward conversation followed where I had to explain the flaws in any plan where I am required to stand in a bucket!!

I was off to my happy place after that brief yet troubling interlude to indulge in
more card making. This time I made a very simple but colourful card using one of the sentiments that Imaginarium do so well.

These boards with repeated sayings are AWESOME ... I keep a dozen different ones on hand always in case I need to whip up a card for some reason

Add a simple flourish and card making is just too easy!

Thursday the 7th September 2017

Dear Diary...

today we have entered a whole new level of water saving skills....


We convinced our teenagers to shower at school ... 'tell them you have been doing sport and just need to freshen up' ... hopefully the school won't notice the ALARMING amount of hair care products my 17 year old daughter took to school with her this morning!

My husband also said he will use the showers at work ... despite them not having doors!!???! WHAT THE? 

I have committed to visiting friends in town once a day ... mostly in order to avoid my own toilets, but also to use all their water by drinking large amounts of coffee.

This is todays card effort... 

Still maximising the use of my sentiments boards.

no gesso on the title though ( as per my no washing anything ever again commitment) This title was simply coloured in with my white gel pen 😎

Friday the 8th September 2017

Dear Diary...


This simply has to come to an end ... the kids came home and informed me that it was 'just creepy' showering at school and refuse to ever do it again, My husband  said he just couldn't go through with the 'no door' thing. And I dont know who is going to clean the toilets in my house  after this last week ... 


We are half way down the outlet valve on our last tank and I just can't live like this anymore... I spent the morning calling every single water delivery company within 100km and managed to get someone who would deliver a half load tomorrow.


The madness can't end quickly enough for my liking. Feeling very pleased with myself I ducked off and created this birthday card.

I frivolously used watercolour paint on the balloon and black marker and crystalina kindy glitz on the writing chippies.

While making these cards I was listening to the radio ... the news report said that the current drought in our area could last until Christmas! I asked my husband how long the load of water we are getting will last us ... he said that at our current rate of consumption ... 3 weeks.

I'm moving to England.