Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pink Gelato

Let me start by saying that 'Pink Gelato' would have to be one of the oddest names for a paper range that I have ever come across!! I would actually love to know the story behind how they came up with the name for this range!

 Anyway, I will concede that the name fits perfectly, all the pages in this collection are pastel and pale in complexion and I thought I would struggle with creating anything from this pallet, as I'm far more drawn to and comfortable with bold bright colours, BUT..... I love the pages I have made recently using these papers! They are the perfect papers for a baby girl, and with 4 of those under my belt, I've got more than enough subject matter to accompany this 'Pink Gelato' collection. 

In the layout above I have also used the rolled paper rose technique I have come to adore and of course there is the ever present spray of butterflies that it seems I have become addicted to lately!

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