Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Class Act Cards

So today I have some cards to show you that I made up with the Class Act Collection.
At first I was stumped as to what I could actually do with this collection in regards to cards ... surely no one wants a 'Happy Birthday' card with school stuff all over it!!!?
(None of my kids would thats for certain!! LOL)

Then I realised there are lots of different occasions that a school themed card would appropriate for ... the top of the list would have to be a 'Get Well Soon' card for a sick or absent teacher ... 
my little ones LOVED this idea
 ( the older ones laughed and said the only kind of card they would ever give to their teachers would be a 'Please DONT get well soon! card .... you gotta love teenagers!!)

There are also occasions like encouraging kids on their first day at a new school ( be it the first day of kindy, high school, uni or TAFE) or congratulating them on academic or sporting achievements.
So in the end I had plenty of inspiration for this set of 5 simple cards... 
all made with just the paper pad and a few collectables.

Thanks for stoping by for look...
And congratulations to all the mums out there like myself for surviving the holidays... the kids head back to school tomorrow and I couldn't be happier for them  nor myself!! he he he.
Cheers from Kel

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Alanna said...

Great cards as always Kel. I'm struggling with ideas for cardmaking for this one... only so many "school" themed cards I can come up with! Think I need to look beyond that and come up with something else!