Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

.........***Merry Christmas one and all**........

What a wonderful day ... you should see my house ... its COVERED in wrapping paper and food! LOL ....This is where the rubber really hits the road when it comes to having 6 children!! 

After a morning of complete chaos and mayhem the house has settled into a quite sugar fueled hum ... with all the kids happily giving all their attention to their new toys and gadgets leaving me in relative peace to play on my computer!!

I thought today I would share a personal favourite of my photos from this wonderful silly season now it is almost behind us... the photo above was taken at the beginning of December as we all decorated the tree ( a tradition on our family for the 1st of December) ... it tells the story of our family perfectly....

The first thing I notice in this photo is my missing daughter .... where has that stereo-typical teenager gone? She is completely full of teenage angst now at all of 13 years old... complaining long and loud most of the time at the injustice of having to deal with her hair!!!!??? I tried pointing out that in many countries 13 year old girls are married off even sold off and that maybe the style of her hair isn't that big a thing after all... she rolled her eyes dramatically and disappeared in the dungeon that is her bedroom!!!

The next thing that really jumps out at me from this photo is the complete 
'I'm here under duress' look 
that my 14 year old son is giving the camera .... he so makes me laugh at the moment ... he wears that look all the time, unless he is playing the playstation ... apparently that is the only place he is NOT under duress!!
 He is so cute... caught in between being a child and becoming a man ... he will still watch a movie with us and when the man and woman kiss in the final scene he will stand up and declare 
'well that just ruined a perfectly good movie!!' 
Bhahahahahaahaha ... I quite like the fact that he still doesn't like the idea of kissing girls ... I'll let you know how long that lasts!! LOL

Of course the next most noticeable feature of this photo is the almost naked 3 year old posing in the front ... oh if only I could get that child to wear clothes ... here in the world of an Australian summer, its a princess dress or nothing thank you very much!! Lucky I brought her a princess dress for Christmas... so she does have clothes on in our family Christmas photos!!

The next 3 children are just the right ages to be truly excited about Christmas still, their enthusiasm is evident on all their faces ... they have been right into the Christmas countdown this last month, always changing the numbers on the Countdown calendar and checking the boxes of the advent calendar for treats each day ... they make this season a pleasure!!

And finally of course there is my dutiful husband who is graciously posing with the kids, even though he would rather gnor his own arm off than hang Christmas decorations!! He married a scrapbooker and has finally accepted that it is an easier corse of action to accept the directions to pose for the picture than to fight the avalanche of photos that will processed these instructions if he resists in any way!! LOL Smart Man xoxo

But I can't let a Christmas post go by without sharing one little project .... this is Christmas tree frame set I made quite a few months ago when visiting Kaisercraft in Geelong.
 Melissa Kennedy designed it and taught the class.

It is a great keep sake and I had a ball wiring together the Kaisercraft paper Blooms and paper leaves to make the rose sprigs you can see on this one. I imagine we will have many more Christmas photos to display like thing after today... fortunately Kaisercraft will have a million ideas on how to do this in the coming year ... something to look forward to!

Have a wonderful day my friends.
HUGE smiles from Kel.


Lili Sulastri said...

Oh Kelly, such a hilarious post. So we are having our moments now - you with Kiah and myself with Zahra'. Great! What shall we do about them? Zahra' is also fussing about her hair almost everyday and complaining about 'zits' as she calls it. I suppose that's how we drove our mums up the wall at that age!!! it's our turn!
Anyway, with such a hilarious beginning, I believe you have the most memorable Christmas. now looking forward to your Christmas layouts.
Beautiful tree you did. Those roses are really gorgeous and look so alive.

Shahrul Niza said...

LOL. I am enjoying your post as much as Lili did!!. I would never understand tweens, or rather girls who want to grow up so fast :). I did gave my mum a hard time growing up, though never about hair because mine was as short as boys :). These are moments that we are all treasure so much, little things that remind of our love. Happy Holidays, Kelly. Happy crafting too, and enjoy the food :). HUGS.