Sunday, April 30, 2017

Excerpts from the Diary of a Designer Volume # 5

Dear Diary...

What a week!! I honestly have NOT fully recovered from Easter yet...
It was a typical Easter this year, full of kids, fun, stories and chocolate. 

As I do every year I swear I'm not going to touch chocolate, and as it does every year, the temptation gets too much for me and I end up eating all the chocolate I can find!! 
[rolls eyes in exasperation]


I dont know why Easter has to look and smell so good ... and a bunch of kids running around  me all day munching on chocolate statues of rabbits is just a tad too 'in your face' for me to cope with ... in any case ...the great chocolate binge of 2017 is behind me now and I'm doing my best to keep busy in its wake... 
now lets  never speak of that particular incident again!

Scrapping as always is my favourite solace during these trying times and today I spent a blissful day creating this simple layout using Basecoat 4 papers from Kaisercraft and Imaginarium Designs chipboards...

Oh how I adore these simple little frames that add so much to a layout with such little effort.
I've simply run over the chipboards with a white pen and added them to the page :)


 Variegated colours for titles is my favourite way to treat larger styled chipboard words :) 

Another day .... Another layout ... I love the simplicity of creating ❤

Thursday the 20th of April 2017

Dear Diary...
I was up early today with lots of extra energy ... I love days like this when inspiration strikes and you can get straight into a project :) The children are all on holidays so the house belongs to them again and I just try to keep out of their way.... so it's off to my workshop to scrap, today I had an idea for tearing a circle into paper I just couldn't wait to try...

Using Kaisercraft Sage and Grace papers, some beautiful lace and Imaginarium Designs chipboards I  got stuck into this page...

Another simple title and flourishes where I've just added the colour with ink and then gone back over one edge of the letters with a white pen to create shine lines.

Friday the 21st of April 2017

Dear Diary...

Oooohhhhhhh ..... I'm so excited today ... I was up before the sun and couldnt wait to get to work using these new papers from Kaisercraft .... Bombay Sunrise!
These papers were made for me ... I LOOVVEEEE all the bright colours and vibrancy of it all... on a side note, I did actually spend a couple of months in India back in my uni days and this really is what the colours of an Indian sunrise ( and Sunset for that matter) looks like over the great cities of the plains ... simply breathtaking! 

I used these 'Loolabelles Frame and Bars' (12 inch) from Imaginarium ... I inked them first, chopped them up then constructed them on the page .... man did I feel tricksy after that move!! 

I didn't treat the chip board with anything other than simple colored ink as there was already a whole lot going on in this layout ... but I was thrilled with the end result :) 

 Then I jumped straight into this second layout doing pretty much the same thing with ink and the gorgeous papers. I used an unconventional title this time ... I know 'Bundle of Joy' is meant for a baby ... but hey it worked here so I thought go for it! 
Using unusual chipboard titles is one of my favourite things to do :)

Saturday the 22nd of April 2017

Dear Diary...

Today I'm MAD EXCITED ... 
I'm heading up to Brisbane today to do a Jane Tregenza Patchwork Panels Class with Alison Bevis ... and then tomorrow I'm teaching and hanging with some of my Imaginarium Designs DT buddies ... how much fun can one person have?

...but before the fun comes the work 😔

I'm teaching how to make a quick and easy box card and there are 50 people in the class so I had better get working ... I want to have most of the cutting and crappy boring work done for the ladies so they can just concentrate on getting on with the card :) so I'll be cutting over 750 bits of paper up today and packing them.

Imaginarium Designs has turned out to be 
When I told them about the kind of chipboards I wanted to have to use on this card they designed me my very own unique board ....

I'm feeling a tad chuffed about this board... it's like having another baby ( but without the messy bits obviously) ... my very own board created by me for my box card design! 

I still cant believe how accommodating Imaginarium Designs are.... apparently this is something they can do for large enough orders ... I'll be back for sure :) 

I actually had tones of these made up and am selling them on my WEBSITE for $5.99 ...
I expect to sell many with the free postage.... I may even be rich one day!!? just sayin 😄

Sunday the 23rd of April 2017

Dear Diary...

Today I taught at the Imaginarium Designs ACE class ( Alison's Craft Events) along with Jane Tregenza, Sue Smyth and hosted by Alison Bevis.... sooooooo much fun :) 

This is the quick and easy box card I taught...

I started out the day with a headache thanks to small incident with some pineapple lumps the day before... Alison warned me to stay away from them ... but I have a problem with this particular food group... so my 'After Easter Resolution' to never eat chocolate again only turned out to last 6 days ... 😐

For those who don't know what Pineapple Lumps are.. they are quite simply 

Water and Panadol seemed to deal with the sugar headache quickly and we had an awesome day in the end .... Sue Smyth actually used a meat cleaver ...A MEAT CLEAVER!! in her class ... that was impressively noisey!!  

Here is a photo of everyone hard at work ...

This is Sue and I (and Wendy the photo bomber)  while class was going on behind us.
It was a wonderful day and the projects were fabulous ... Sue taught how to cleverly embellish a journal, Jane did a stunning double layout and I did the box card .... there was more Imaginarium chipboards consumed today than pineapple lumps yesterday... which is an impressive amount!! lol

I can't believe it's Monday tomorrow.... it's just as well though
... I'm looking forward to heading back to work for a rest! 😉


Lili Sulastri said...

Beautiful write-up and gorgeous layouts. I can see that you are really having so much fun. Chocolates! make me jealous. Need to stock-up. Running out of them already, well, almost.

Kelly-ann Oosterbeek said...

LOL ... thanks Lili ... I know right - chocolate really is addictive! I just knew that wasnt my imagination he he he xo