Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just Believe Cards

Simple Cards, Simply Done ... using the Just Believe Collection. I've seen some STUNNING Christmas cards on the Kaisercraft Blog lately, full and creative, but I'm here today to represent the other side of the card coin... simple cards ... I have about a billion people on my Christmas card list so there is no way I'm spending more than 5mins making any individual cards ... LOL.

My goal with card making is always the same, what can I make that will be simple classic and use up my leftovers or least the most economical amount of supplies?

Today I feel really good about the cards I've made using the Just believe collection. All 9 card fronts came from one sheet of paper and the simple decorations on the front hopefully compliment without over crowding. I was VERY satisfied with the results and thrilled to pump out another 9 cards for just a couple of hours of work! 

I'm pretty much done with my Christmas cards now ... how have you been going? 
I can't wait to send them out at the end of next month!
Cheers from Kel.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kel these cards look great! Nice and simple - often that's what people want too :-)

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - I really look forward to seeing "us" in Aus Scrapbook Ideas. How exciting!! said...

These are lovely Kel. As you said "simple" is good for so many reasons.