Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blast Off Cards

Hi again, I'm just back today to share a couple of quick cards made with the Blast Off Collection.

This is truly the cutest collection on our plannet!! 

These are so bright and happy, card making is easy and very quick with this collection... I couldn't find  better papers for making little boys cards with... they would even suit little girls if you got the right background!

The good thing about the collectables pack is that it actually has heaps of the little aliens in it. I hate it when you can only get a couple of the best embellishments from a range, so it was great to find at least a dozen little aliens in this pack!

And that covers everything ... no techniques or wonderful effects... no eye catching products or stunning embellishments... just simple bright good clean fun!!! LOL

Thanks for looking.
Cheers from Kelly-ann

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