Monday, June 17, 2013

Miss Empire Layout # 2

Today I'm sharing one more layout I made using the Miss Empire Collection.

I had this awesome family photo, but it has so many colours in it... so much going on with all the clothes and plants and its quite dark in patches. I felt like it would be impossible to co-ordinate colours as there were just too many. So when I was looking over the misse Empire range of papers it occurred to me that they were mostly dark tones with a few random bright colours added.... very similar to my photo!

And I must say I'm really pleased at how the two married together... I'll be remembering this range for difficult photos in the future now! LOL

My favourite thing on this whole page is the paper flowers in the two opposing corners ... they were so easy to make and I was wondering if they would really work as I used some very patterned paper to make them with, but as it turned out... they worked beautifully! 

I'll have to be braver with my paper choice for flowers in the future I think!!

Thanks for stopping by for a look.
Smiles from Kel.


Unknown said...

I love the paper flowers. which die are they? Very clever choice of colour for the page. It does marry very well. I love it!

Adriana B said...

amazing work :) love it !