Monday, April 8, 2013

Remember Me Layout with a difference

Today I'm sharing a special layout made using the Remember Me Collection.

This page is a bit different for me as I have barely used any product at all on it, instead I have chosen to get a bit arty on this page... a style I believe I will do a lot more of in the future.

Don't get me wrong here... I love my products... I'll always love to add as many as possible to my pages! LOL. But there is just something so special and satisfying about adding your own unique touches to a layout as well.

Anyway, to create this effect I simply matted and stuck down my photo on the page, then lifted the edges to Ink a kind of hue that emanates from behind the photo ( I also stuck down the lettering stickers for Lilly's name before beging the inking process).

After that I laid a circle over the top of the photo, making sure to place it slightly off center and over the edges of a couple of corners of the photo. Using a pencil I traced a faint line around the circle onto the paper to act as a guide. I then used a permeant fine tip marker to draw on the vines, leaves, buds and flowers... always using that circle mark as my guide and continuing on over the photo as the circle dictated.

After this I used some quite opaque 'Pistachio' paint to block in the flowers, buds and leaves. Using my distress inks and a paint brush I then added the red to the center of the flowers and the buds, and green hues to the leaves.

It's a simple technique that pivots on the opaque paint creating an almost translucent effect with your own drawings... and it's quite simple as well... i was not careful with my sketching here at all, it's ment to look a bit scribbly... everyone can scribble so I think everyone can do this technique!! LOL

The other key element here is the permeant marker ... because this kind of marker will draw consistently over any surface ( in this case photo paper and normal papers) it means you can seamlessly transition across your page with your drawings, giving the whole thing a more cohesive look and feel. That kind of thing just helps to tie it all together better.

Thanks for stopping by again today ... I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did.
Smiles from Kel.

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